Cell Structure

On a cellular level we can see the differences between animals and plants. This activity includes a Power Point Presentation on Cells. This Power Point presentation was created by the eighth grade life science class for use with our sixth graders. Drawings included in this presentation are Plant Cells and Animal Cells. Children explore the similarities and differences while learning the names and job/function of each part. This activity also includes a reading where we compare two articles on the same topic to find differences and similarities in the writings.

Supplies for this activity:

  • Worksheets
  • Science Journals
  • Readings
  • Power Point Presentation on Cells

Journal Worksheets  

Cells - Compare and Contrast

Parts of a Cell

Microscope - Reading

Types of Cells (Mitosis and Meiosis)



Animal Cell (Diagram 1)

Animal Cell (Diagram 2)

Plant Cell (Diagram 1)

Plant Cell (Diagram 2)

Plant Cell (Diagram 3)

Microscope (Labeled diagram)