Growth & Development

All animals are born, go through their life and eventually die; it is there Cycle of Life. Children are given cards with pictures of different stages of development.  After examining the pictures they need to put the cards in a circle showing the animal moving from state to stage. We call the growing up process metamorphosis.  Some infant animals look like small versions of their parents. The animal gets bigger and bigger as it moves towards becoming an adult, but it always looks like an adult. This is called incomplete metamorphosis. Some animals change drastically from infant to adult. Caterpillars look like worms, but turn into a beautiful flying insect called a butterfly. There is a time when the insect changes by incasing itself inside a cocoon or chrysalis. There should be at lease three different animals to look at in this activity for making comparisons.

Supplies for this activity:

  • Worksheets
  • Science Journals
  • Crayons / Color Pencils
  • Life Cycle Insect Cards

Journal Worksheets

Growing Up Metamorphosis

Mating And Reproduction

Reading - Mating and Reproduction

Lady Beetle Metamorphosis

Grasshopper Metamorphosis

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis

Butterfly/Moth Female/Male
ID Cards