Insect Architecture

The elements; storms, rain, cold and heat all take a toll on the animals that inhabit our Earth. Shelter from these elements play an important part in the survival of an animal species. Some insects live in the ground, while other live under the bark of a dead tree. Some make tunnels while others make nests.  These pieces of architecture are important for an insects survival. In this activity, students examine different items that were once inhabited by insects. Insect architecture cards help students understand which insects built these pieces of architecture and why. Students will make drawings of the pieces of architecture and tell about the insects that built them. Students will compare and contrast these architecture samples to help them understand why they were built.

Supplies for this activity:

  • Worksheets
  • Science Journals
  • Crayons / Color Pencils
  • Samples of Insect Architecture
  • Insect Architecture Information Cards

 Journal Worksheets 

Insect Structures

Insect Homes

Paper wasp
Bark Beetles
Peacock Flies
Carpenter Ants