Insect Behavior

Insect behave in very special ways. Leaf Cutter Ants carry pieces of leaf for great distances while following each other in a straight line. Some bees swarm and kill, while others happily make honey. A scientist in the late 1800s named Jean Henri Fabre experimented with Giant Peacock Moths to find out about their mating habits. His experiments are documented in journals we make available to the children. Their job is to read and evaluate this scientists work. Are his conclusions of any worth? This section has the children viewing the movie A Bugs Life to see the way the ants and grasshoppers behave. You can show the movie as an auditorium presentation or in class with a TV and VCR.

Supplies for this activity:

  • Worksheets
  • Science Journals
  • Crayons / Color Pencils
  • Movie A Bugs Life

 Journal Worksheets 

A Bug's Life

Insect Behavior - Fabre

Reading on Fabre's Work


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