Mating and Reproduction

How can you tell the male and female of a species apart from each other? Children examine Riker Mounts of Monarch Butterflies and Cecropia Moths. The children look at unmarked mounts of Males and Females. Can they find the differences?  In their journals, students draw pictures of the insects and explain the differences in size, color and antennae.  A reading on mating and Reproduction is included in this activity.

Riker Mounts of Monarch Butterflies and Cecropia Moths (include both male and female of these two species)

Supplies for this activity:

  • Worksheets
  • Science Journals
  • Crayons / Color Pencils

 Journal Worksheets 

Mating and Reproduction 

Reading - Mating and Reproduction

Growing Up Metamorphosis

Living Light - Fireflies - READING

 Field Guides and Photographs 

Metamorphosis PHOTOS

Butterfly Moth Male/Female ID Cards

Lady Beetle Metamorphosis

Grasshopper Metamorphosis

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis