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LAMS Kids' ISO 14000
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Develops environmental awareness among children and young people.

Teaches them to implement environmental management based on the ISO 14000 approach in their homes and communities, and...

Opens them to the value of networking with young people in other schools, communities and countries in order to bring the forces of collective action to global environmental issues.

Permission Slip for January 19th Auditorium Program.

An Inconvenient Truth Movie:
Global Warming
  •   Global Warming -
  • An increase of the earth's temperature by a few degrees resulting in an increase in the volume of water which contributes to sea-level rise.
  • We will watch the film,
    'An Incontinent Truth', and find out ways to help reduce this problem.
  • We can help!
Electric Consumption
  •   Electric Consumption -
  • We just plug things into electric sockets and expect them to work.
  • We use electricity to run our TV sets and computers. How much do we use?
  • The Amish people do not use electricity at all, why are we so dependant on it?
Water Usage
  •    Water Usage -
  • We cook, wash dishes, our hands and oh yes, we flush the toilet.
  • We use water every day. Showers and that glass of water at the dinner table; where does this clean water come from?
  • Where does our waste water go?
  •   Garbage -
  • Any item we no longer want and wish would go away we consider garbage.
  • Our land fills are closed and we now pay other states to pile up our junk. Do we really need to toss everything?
  • What about recycling?