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The temporary state of the atmosphere. Six meteoro-
logical elements make up the weather: clouds, wind velocity, air temperature, precipitation, humidity, and barometric pressure.

People commonly think of the weather in relation to the state of the sky-the weather may be clear or cloudy, fair or rainy, and so forth.

Ultimately, the atmospheric changes called weather are caused by the sun's rays. The sun causes variations in the temperature of the atmosphere. Warm masses of air are created by sunshine, and the warm air rises to be replaced by cooler air. Thus, winds are created. The sun also evaporates water, which furnishes the water vapor that becomes clouds and precipitation. Weather must not be confused with climate.

Climate is the accumulation of the effects of many years of weather. Today on the desert the sky may be cloudy, and rains may pour onto the parched land. This is the weather over the desert for a single day. The climate, however, is vindicated by the cracked soil, the sparse vegetation, and the type of
creatures that survive.

Obviously, the weather is not generally rainy in the desert over an extended period.

What is Weather image In this Investigation [1]...
We start by writing a quick-write or KWL chart on What is Air?  We now go and view two videos. The first is called "Things that fall from the sky". In this video we find snow, hail and rain and the causes of this precipitation. We go onto viewing a segment on "Hurricanes". Our next step is to plot the path of   Hurricane Dean.  There are two readings  in this investigation. One is on weather and the other is on hurricanes. (See below for video's)

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