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Each day that we work
on our fingerprint experiments, we need
to write a daily summary
of our activities. These summaries need to be
a few sentences and
need to be written so
that someone else can understand what you
did each day.



For a good example of what a "summery" is see our daily summaries on the

"Science Journal" page

October 10

Today we worked on experiment
2. Rene inked her finger and put it
on the experiment.  We showed
her that if she rolled her finger that more information about the side of her finger would make the print bigger and better.

October 12

Today we finished up experiment 2 and started on number 3. We discovered that there are 8 main types of fingerprints. We had to cut matches off a big sheet of paper and glue them on to our experiment. It was fun, and we made a mess.