Everyone in the entire word has ridges on their fingers giving them a set of fingerprints. There are eight main types of prints and everyones fingerprints fit into these eight groups. Everyones prints are slightly different. Patterns of the ridges give distinct designs that can be used to identify someone.


Notice the direction of the patterns. There are two loops. One comes in from the right, while the other comes in from the left. The tented arch is much steeper than the plain arch.

Examine experiment three to find ways to tell the eight main types of prints apart from each other.

Find prints that fit into these eight groups.

Cut the prints out and glue them to your experiment sheet

Check over them one more time to see if they are similar.

  1. Find real people that have the eight main types of fingerprints. Make a copy of their print. Put their first name under the print and tell what type of print you have found.
  2. Tell three ways to tell fingerprints apart from each other.
  3. In what way are the two loops different from each other?
  4. What is a delta (in terms of a fingerprint)?

Each is a seperate extra credit