In this activity, students have to find exact matches to the five fingerprints on their experiment sheet.
Sometimes there are scratches and dots in specific places on a print that can be used to identify a person. Lengths of lines and placement of patterns also help in
the identification process.
Five of these fingerprint cards will match the fingerprints on experiment 5. Observe carefully and find reasons for your decision.

Police scientists carefully match fingerprints, first by their patterns, but then they look even more closely. Looking at the lines that make up the designs, these scientists find sections that are specific to only that particular print.


After careful study, scientists find points used to identify a particular print. Scientists now number and label these points of identification.

1- Island
2- Bifurcation
3- Dot
4- Ending Ridge
5- Bifurcation
6- Island
7- Bifurcation
8- Bifurcation
9- Ending Ridge
Do the extra credit sheet below. Copy this sheet, bring it to another program and
print it out. Compare these prints to your fingerprint match cards in class.
Look for these items on a
fingerprint. These items
will help you match prints