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Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

 by Kevin Viani

Kevin collected water samples from around Queens to see if our drinking water supply was safe. Kevin did tests on copper, chlorine, iron nitrates, nitrites, pH (acidity), hardness, odor and appearance. He explained the water shed to his classmates and told them how drinking water gets to their homes.

Kevin explains his science fair project to class...

Data taken for science fair project

  Water Sample Chart 


1- I gathered water from 10 differnet places... The reservoir water was kept in an orange juice container...

Kevin found that most of the samples were safe to drink. He did discover, however that the pH (acidity) of the Kensico Reservoir was a very low number. The pH range is fro 1 to 14, 7 being neutral. pH 10-6.9 is acid and pH 7.1-14 is base. This means that the water in the Kensico Reservoir is acidic.

According to all the standards of this test all of the water samples are safe to drink except...


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