IIn this project, you have to view the moon for one month and draw pictures of the moon's phases on a data table. There will be days where viewing the moon will be impossible because of cloud cover. Moon phase photos an drawings will be available to you on the internet.

  This animation shows the moon revolving around the Earth while being lit by the sun. The shadows and lit areas become the Moon's Phases

These  photographs of the moon show the various phases that the Moon goes through as it reflects sunlight from its various positions as it travels around the Earth. The Moon takes a months to revolve around the Earth. At the end of the month it is in the same position that it started in and the cycle begins over again. The phases go through the same cycle or pattern every 28 days. This pattern is very predictable. We can therefore pick any date in history,  and using math can figure out the phase for the Moon on that date,

  Moon Project "Sally" Notebook Pages
Moon Project Notebook Set Up
Reading - All About The Moon
Reading - Mars Rovers Keep On Roving
Reading - Why The Moon Has Phases
Reading - Earth's Breath
Reading - Phases Of The Moon
Project Contract
Project Drawing Calendar
Internet Data Collection Page

  1. Web Sites about the Moon and it's Phases

    These sites give phases of the Moon

                 Harcourt School - Moon Phases

    1. Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland College Park - Phases of the Moonhttp://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/questions/question3.html   *

    2. University of the Virgin Islands, Etelman Observatory - Phases of the Moon

  2. These sites tells a great deal about the moon

    1. EnchantedLearning - The Phases of the Moon

    2. Moon-Phases.com

  3. These sites give current (That Day) image of the moon phase

    1. CalculatorCat.com - Moon Phases

    2. Wright Center for Science Education - Moon Phase Calculator

  4. Download a program that gives you the phases of the moon.

    1. Softaddress.com - Moon Phase Calculator

    Lunar Eclipse - March 3, 2007