banner pt 2 [pots] Instructions are important. If I wanted a friend to come over to my house would have to give them a really good set of directions or instructions. What a mess we made when you helped me make tomato sauce. Let's take a look at what happened. Mr. Grambo with Shopping Cart Mr. Grambo goes shopping for supplies
Mr. Grambo tells the story. Que music... Mr. Grambo uses an Axe to cut tomatoes !


How Do I Make Tomato Sauce?





Step 1-5

Step 6-9





There are these two guys from Italy. One makes sauce and the other makes the pizza pie. Together they are un-stoppable. however, the sauce guy is now out of the picture and everyone has to help Mr. Grambo make the sauce


We told him to cut up tomatoes, but he used an axe. I guess we should have said to use a knife.  
Kids look on as Mr. Grambo prepares the sauce... Now this is a pan !  
There he goes slamming things around again. What did we tell him to do this time?


We must have forgotten to tell him
what size pan to use.
The right size cooking pot. speicy, spicy...
This size cooking pot makes more sense.


He has spices.

How Do I Make Tomato Sauce?


Mr. Grambo uses hedge clippers?
NO only use a pinch.


Don't cut the pepper with those giant scissors.
Mr. Grambo uses a weed wacker?


Mr. Grambo uses a spoon!
Did we tell him to mix it? What is that thing he is using? We should have said to use a spoon.


Now that is better
Thank you Mr. Grambo??? Yes !!
I could not have done it without you. We made a mess, but I guess you should have given me better instructions. Your procedure was not clear.