Science 6th Grade - Mr.Grambo

Category                                Meets Standard 4 Approaches Standard 3 Below Standard 2 Far Below Standard 1


Science Lab experiments with HW

Comes on time with notebook in hand. Follows directions. Works well in groups. Shares ideas

Is mostly on time. Is usually prepared. Follows most directions. Usually works well in groups. Shares ideas most of the time.

Often comes late. Leaves supplies in locker or at homeroom. Rarely follows directions. Rarely shares ideas.

Never is on time. Never has materials. Does not follow directions. Does not work well in a group

Science notebooks

Maintains a perfectly neat book. Is up to date with all notes and assignments. Parents look at book weekly. Daily summaries are always up to date.

Maintains a neat notebook mostly. All assignments are done fairly well. Parents look at book most weeks. Many daily summaries are in the notebook.

Notebook is not very neat. Assignments are missing or very short. Parents rarely look at book. Most daily summaries are missing.

The notebook is near empty, messy, and disorganized. Many assignments are left out. Parents do not look at book. There are never any daily summaries written in the notebook.


Always handed in on time. Complete according to directions. Neat, creative, and shows thinking skills.

Handed in on time. A few parts are missing. Most answers are complete. Neatly presented

Not handed in on time. Many parts are missing. Work is sloppy and inconsistant.

Very late. Does not follow any directions given. Most parts are missing. Work is sloppy.

Tests / Quizzes

Reviews notes. Thinks about test-taking strategies. Studies for many days. Gets all answers correct

Usually reviews notes. “Crams” before exam. Gets most answers correct

Rarely reviews notes. Rarely studies for exam. Gets few answers correct

Never reviews notes. Never studies for exam. Gets all answers wrong