Science Fair of 2012

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WolfAdam Does the viscosoty of a liquid affect how loud rice krispies pop? 5-147 Ms.Kahn
KerriganMirandaTo wii or not to wii?5-147 Ms.Kahn
Fernades, Missaoui& Delme, DinaBaking Soda V.S Baking Powder5-142 Ms.Kahn
AronovBrianHow does age affect the range of motion in the joints?5-132 Ms.Kahn
Sasha, Kova & Alexandra, MasiniDoes the surface of Tennis Court Affect how high the ball bounces5-132 Ms.Kahn
RuppKeeganRoving Robots5-132 Ms.Kahn
BurdaCoryUnder Pressure5-132 Ms.Kahn
ElwarariHanaDoes color affect memory5-151 Ms.Kahn
AhmedMohamedAcid Rain5-151 Ms.Kahn
BlancoTatianaDo certain liquids cause nails to rust faster5-151 Ms.Kahn
PadillaMichelleWhat colors do people notice the most5-138 Ms.Kahn
FratilaAlexandraHow well does a soccer ball travel in different weather5-138 Ms.Kahn
BhuiyanItushihabHow do polutants affect aquatic environment5-142 Ms.Kahn
KurokiHinatayeast have favorite conditions,too5-142 Ms.Kahn
VelkyStephenRusty Business5-142 Ms.Kahn
TzikasKristinawhich juice has the highest concentration of vitamin C5-147 Ms.Kahn
OlayaNataliePotato vs. Lemon5-147 Ms.Kahn
AlamSarahPolymer slime5-138 Ms.Kahn
BurdaDustinhow fast is fast5-138 Ms.Kahn
RahmanMahfuzutElectrolysis6-323 Ms.Kahn
DeniscoFrancisLung Capacity6-323 Ms.Kahn
BordenAmberCaffiene Everyhair6-323 Ms.Kahn
BlanksonKwesiAre the helicopter blades faster going up or down6-323 Ms.Kahn
McNameeOliviaWill they run or won't they?6-241 Ms.Kahn
GordilloAndresRobotics6-241 Ms.Kahn
BachayevSvetlanaUp up in the air, Evaporation6-241 Ms.Kahn
CulcasiJuliaWhat makes cupcakes rise higher6-241 Ms.Kahn
DuranKristalynWhy is the sky blue6-241 Ms.Kahn
DuranGenesisWhat is the best home insulator6-239 Ms. Tinoco
SeminerisAntonDecomposition of Living Organisms6-239 Ms. Tinoco
MolyneuxJaidenWill a marigold seed grow faster with tap or with plant growth6-239 Ms. Tinoco
Jack, Seetaram &Kieshel, RyanDoes food help plants grow?6-235 Mr. Grambo
Bautista, Zheng &Karen, CarmenBest wrappings6-419 Ms. Sanders
ZarnachMaxwellSolvin Dissolvin6-419 Ms. Sanders
GrinySalmaDoes music or TV effect how fast you read?6-419 Ms. Sanders
GarciaChristianWill an egg boil faster in a big or small pot6-419 Ms. Sanders
GurgisGeorgeHow long can mealworms live in different environment6-419 Ms. Sanders
AbramsIsaacThe Evaporation Race6-419 Ms. Sanders
AlamShafuraRemoving ink6-419 Ms. Sanders
DitomasoNickLemon Battery6-419 Ms. Sanders
LacbhabHannaSurfaces and amount of friction6-321 Mr. Blum
KosseValaskawhich milk spoils faster6-237 Mr. Blum
DucaNicholasPlar and non-polar molecules6-237 Mr. Blum
AshkenaziEdanLucky Dice6-317 Mr. Blum
YousryAngieCO2 production and uses6-317 Mr. Blum
ElbannaSaraMy DNA in dfferent environments6-317 Mr. Blum
KornTessMeat vs. fruit and veggies6-321 Mr. Blum
BarbozaHectorSmoke Rings6-326 Mr. Blum
TellisCrystalwhich game system last the longest6-419 Ms. Sanders
LopilatoFeliciaCabbage Juice Experiment6-326 Mr. Blum
MaFelixBrrr, it's cold6-423 Mr. Blum
ChrysostomouGabriellaPop Rocks6-423 Mr. Blum
YoungDominiqueSoap residue6-417 Mr. Grambo
JavedAqsaChewing gum and test grades6-235 Mr. Grambo
DiazJoshuaWhich paper airplane will fly farthest6-235 Mr. Grambo
PenaCarolynWhy does some fabric wrinkle more than others6-319 Mr. Grambo
AlulemaTiffanyWhy does my skin wrinkle in water6-235 Mr. Grambo
RaofMichaelCricket chirping in environments6-417 Mr. Grambo
MejiaKevinSoil porosity and absorbency6-319 Mr. Grambo
CuellarMirandaDamaging effects of detergents without phosphates6-319 Mr. Grambo
DiMaggioDavidBottle rocket Blast6-417 Mr. Grambo
GoldbergHaileyWhich OTC pain reliever acts quickest6-416 Mr. Grambo
BonillaAlbertoBrown Sugar Crystals6-235 Mr. Grambo
OumzilIsaacElectroplating6-417 Mr. Grambo
PerlazaBrandonAre your hands really clean6-421 Mr. Grambo
LugoJosephEye color and vision6-235 Mr.Grambo
ValkaiSusanWhich substance causes the greatest change in acidity7-335 Mr. Akalski
Pimentel, Lopez &Bryan, FernandoPotato Power7-346 Mr. Akalski
LaurySarahArtifical Intelligence Teaching7-337 Mr. Akalski
SmithEthanCan we build a simple electric motor7-339 Mr. Akalski
DincaCaitlynLung capacity in wind instrument players7-339 Mr. Akalski
Lewis, Comito &Nicheish, ChristinaDog smarts7-346 Mr. Akalski
ThuilotSamanthaFluoride vs. Harsh Beverages7-335 Mr. Akalski
GilFernandoHow do different chemical solutions effect pinto beans?7-337 Mr. Akalski
ChoudhuryDhaniaFast Food: Can Peppermint imporve reaction time?7-335 Mr. Akalski
MilanovicHarrisCan Hot Water freeze faster than cold water7-337 Mr. Akalski
VukovicMilosElectrolyte Challenge: Juice vs. Sports Drink 7-341 Mr. Akalski
MrkulicAsaTwirls, Whirls and Spins7-341 Mr. Akalski
JarogKathydo string players have longer left fingers?7-339 Mr. Akalski
BayerJackieHow do cats respond to brid sounds?7-341 Mr. Akalski
Hartman, Mayotya &Angela, BrittanySpot the fake smile7-346 Mr. Akalski
LyKatherineEffect of sitting on violin performance?7-435 Dr. Wu
GualiuzaAlexStomach shrinkage7-439 Dr. Wu
DinkelakerEmilyChocolicious7-426 Dr. Wu
OganesyanBogdanSugar - Temperature vs. time7-435 Dr. Wu
LevinRemaDo you kno what you drink?7-426 Dr. Wu
AmadorAngieDoes music affect the time to read an illusion7-439 Dr. Wu
WolinskiBartDoes the run up effect the distance a soccer ball travels7-426 Dr. Wu
Stuart, Ziljkie &Alexa, MerladinaScore!7-439 Dr. Wu
HaoudCarolineSubstances that clean coffee stains7-439 Dr. Wu
ShinJustinMold vs. Uv Light7-441 Mr. Melhado
CruzMichaelIs yawning contagious?7-441 Mr. Melhado
ZhongLorraineMultitasking7-441 Mr. Melhado
DiazDavidBall in7-437 Mr. Y
MeiXiaoPlant Growth7-437 Mr.Y
BunsEmmaCan you Stand th Heat7-437 Mr. Y
HasainMohidiFizzy7-437 Mr. Y
KoubouloglonAndreaWhy do some liquids freeze faster7-437 Mr. Y

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