LAMS227Q Science Fair Schedule 2016-2017

You will have approximately 65 days to complete this project Therefore excellence is expected by all. Here is a basic timeline to help keep your child on track. Holidays have been taken into account If you plan to travel during this time, remember to plan accordingly. Speak to your child's teacher if you have any issues with timing. Exceptions will only be made with advanced notice.

  1. Dec 2-Dec 9. Introduce Science Fair, Choose and approve your topic. Form your hypothesis. Complete

  2. Dec 12-23. Research & update bibliography. Develop procedure. Complete

  3. Jan 21-25. Write your procedure, collect materials. Plan, design, and begin experiment. Complete

  4. Jan 28- Feb 8. Collect & record data. Complete

  5. Feb 11-22. Analyze data. Draw conclusions. Construct display board. Prepare presentation. Complete

  6. Feb 27. Projects need to be ready for presentation in class. (do not bring the project in until your group is told to)

  7. Feb 27-March 8. Students present their projects in front of theirclass