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Throughout the time I have worked as a Science Educator, I have worked on projects in my classroom and have tried to share these experiments with my colleagues through writings in various magazines and newspapers. Feel free to use this information as a guide with the students in your classroom. Life is an experience that needs to be shared with others.


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Common Core Standards PDF link These are the Common Core Learning Standards.

NYC Scope and Sequence PDF This is the K-12 New York City Scope and Sequence.

NYC Performance Standards Science PDF These are the Science Performance Standards for the State of New York.

Framework For Teaching - 2011 Edition Danielson - Framework For Teaching - 2011 Edition.

Framework For Teaching 2013 PDF Danielson - Framework For Teaching - 2013 Edition.

NYC APPR 241Pg.Document PDFS 241 page document issued by the State of New York and Commissioner John King  outlining the new Teacher Evaluation Plan for  September 2013.

Teaching In The 21 Century PDF The Old Teacher Evaluation Plan ending June 2013.

Teacher Evaluation, Policy Presentation FINA June 2013L PDF Introduction to the New York City Department Of Educations Teacher Evaluation and Development System.