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Throughout the time I have worked as a Science Educator, I have worked on projects in my classroom and have tried to share these experiments with my colleagues through writings in various magazines and newspapers. Feel free to use this information as a guide with the students in your classroom. Life is an experience that needs to be shared with others.


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SWG Magazine ArticlesA Classroom To Grow On
This article looks at a fresh approach to the set up ans use of your classroom space.
SWG Magazine ArticlesA Fresh Approach To Book Reports
We give books reports in Language Arts, but now with the CCLS standards, we should be taking a look at the use of was we can use texts in the science classroom. This Book Report format will allow for a different way to present information obtained from reading an informational text.
SWG Magazine ArticlesAlways Blowing Bubbles
This is an article on making soap films and bubbles in the classroom.
SWG Magazine ArticlesTop Secret Classified Information - Activities To Introduce Budding Zoologists To Animal Classification
This article-science unit has students working on classroom activities to find out about how animals are classified.
SWG Magazine ArticlesAssessing Students In A Hands-On Science Classroom
This article gives ways to find out what the students in your class KNOW.
SWG Magazine ArticlesBeach Bingo
This is a seashore BINGO game designed for classroom use
SWG Magazine ArticlesCamp Armstrong - A Middle School Orientation Program
This article gives insite to a program that allows students to visit the school and make friends with their new classmates before the school year starts in a camp like setting just prior to the beginning of the new school year.
SWG Magazine ArticlesChicken And Duck Embryology
This is a classroom 21 to 28 day unit on chicken and duck embryology.
SWG Magazine ArticlesClay Boats
This article - science unit has students trying to figure out how to make a denser than water object - float.
SWG Magazine ArticlesCollect And Save Animal Tracks
This article explains how to find animal tracks I nature and how to collect them using a plaster cast. The article also touches upon the use of a field guide.
SWG Magazine ArticlesDigging Up Dinosaurs
This article talks about dinosaur digs and how scientists discovered dinosaur remains. This article contains a paper template of a T-Rex dinosaur for students to cut out and assemble.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Einstein Times - Creating A Science Newspaper In The Middle School
This article explains how to set up and put together a science newspaper in your middle school classroom.
SWG Magazine ArticlesFish Printing
The Japanese art of gyotako or fish printing will allow your students to really discover what a fish looks like. In this articke you will find out how to produce images of fish by inking their bodies and then transfering the ink to paper.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Five Senses - Board Game
Your students will learn about the five senses by building and blaying this board game.
SWG Magazine ArticlesFlying High With Kites
This article explains many types of kites, how to build them and experiment with them.
SWG Magazine ArticlesFun With Leaves
Collecting leaves, making rubbings, drawing pictures and identifying leaves are looked at in this article.
SWG Magazine ArticlesGuinea Pigs
This article looks at guinea pigs as an animal in the wild and as a pet.
SWG Magazine ArticlesHelping Students Capture A Moment In Time - Building A Time Capsule
What is a time capsule and why do we make them? These ideas are covered in this articl along with what we learn when we dig up time capsules from the past.
SWG Magazine ArticlesLearning To Observe
What do I really know about a dollar bill is show in this ESSA newsletter article on observation
SWG Magazine ArticlesLearning To Observe
In this article from Teaching K-8 we talk about the dollar bill experiment.
SWG Magazine ArticlesLet Your Fingers Do The Walking - Investigating Science Through Fingerprint Activities
This article-science unit has students experimenting with fingerprints to really build their observation skills.
SWG Magazine ArticlesMaking A Hypothesis
After you observe, what comes next? Can you make predictions based on your observations. This article shows a way of building hypothesis or inference skills.
SWG Magazine ArticlesMaking A Time Capsule - Sending The Future A Piece Of The Past
This article talks about time capsule and their importance in history. I explain how to build them and how to keep water and air out.
SWG Magazine ArticlesMarbelized Paper - A Scientific Art
Oil and water do not mix. Density allows us to see oil floating on water. This article explains how to put oil based color onto water and then transfer the colors to paper. This paper can then be used for a variety of projects.
SWG Magazine ArticlesMiddle School Orientation
This short article in the AFT newspaper American Teacher tells about our schools summer orientation program for incoming students.
SWG Magazine ArticlesMirror Mirror On The Wall
This article show how to use mirrors in your classroom as a science tool.
SWG Magazine ArticlesNature You Can Wear
This article on fish printing shows how you can produce prints on paper and shirts.
SWG Magazine ArticlesOrienteering or Which Way To Science Class
This article explains how to use a compass and explains the process of orienteering.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Great Penny Experiment - Lesson Teaches Scientific Method
Which penny will hold the most drops of water? Students try and then try again, they collect data make graphs and learn about the scientific method.
SWG Magazine ArticlesPick A Project
This article talks about the science fair.
SWG Magazine ArticlesPutting Control In The Students Hands
This article explains a way to set up a science classroom so that the teacher can circulate, ask questions and the children can have fun while learning.
SWG Magazine ArticlesRaising Butterflies In Your Classroom
This article has the teacher setting up an entomology project in the classroom raising caterpillers and butterflies.
SWG Magazine ArticlesSandcasting
If you can not bring your students to the seashore, why not bring the seashore to your students. A sand cast is a great way to capture the essence of the sand, grass and shells from the area.
SWG Magazine ArticlesScience And Life
This article talks about working with the things children are interested in and bringing those iseas into your classroom.
SWG Magazine ArticlesSeeing A Snowflake
This article explains what a snowflake is and how to capture and collect a snowflake.
SWG Magazine ArticlesSpend A Month With The Moon
This article explains how the moon moves in relation to the earth and has an activity where your students draw the daily image or phase of the moon for a month.
SWG Magazine ArticlesTarantulas
This article talks about this spider and how it can be kept as a pet.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Art And Science Of Observation
Learning how to really look at an objet is discussed in this article. How is on object percieved in relation to another. Are the eyes really that far up on the head in the drawing you are about to make? Did you measure everything? Learning to look is important.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Art Of Learning
This article touches on the types of learners - visual, auditory and tactile.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Art Of Papermaking
Ancient Rome, ancient egypt, ancient greece - Did we always have paper? This article talks about the importance of paper and explains how you can make it in your classroom.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Art Of Science
This article talks about how the science classroom and art classroom should be set up and run in a similar manner.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Ecosystem
This article - science unit has students finding out about communities, food chains and how animals and plant interact with each other in the environment.
SWG Magazine ArticlesThe Furry Ferret
This article talks about ferrets and how you can keep one as a pet.
SWG Magazine ArticlesWhat Is The Difference Between A Tortoise And A Turtle?
This article talks about how to tell the difference between these animals if you come across them in nature.
SWG Magazine ArticlesUsing Fall To Design Activities
Fall brings with it sights, sounds and smells that you can use in your science classroom to help foster learning.
SWG Magazine ArticlesWeather Forecasting
This article will have you building weather instruments and collecting weather data.
SWG Magazine ArticlesWe DIG - School Archeology Projects You Can Do At Your School
This article goes into projects you can do in a grassy area on your school property or a classroom activity that has children excavating bones from a plaster cast.
SWG Magazine ArticlesWhy Does A Snakes Tongue Flicker In And Out?
This article explains how the snake uses its tongue to smell.